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IKEA News of the world

What new IKEA store for us?

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I went to the third year from the moment that IKEA has introduced the tradition to gather journalists from around the world of ÄlmhultIn its headquarters, in order to tell about the main principles of their work, share new ideas for new collections and demonstrate how these ideas come to life in the company's development.
Key points that underlie operations IKEA:
- Quality;
- Functionality;
- the form;
- Sustainability;
- Reasonable prices.

According to the head direction of the development of the IKEA design - Marcus Engman - A company engaged in the creation of not just the things IKEA employees also try to improve products, making them more functional, beautiful, eco-friendly and high-quality. In achieving the goal of a democratic design of small importance and value of the goods on what IKEA does not forget to work.
Today IKEA is working on several Collections. What is this collection and what we will soon surprise the Swedish manufacturer we describe below.

Development of IKEAOne of the main news - the beginning of IKEA collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon и Danish studio HAY. The company went into it, trying to revise the traditional methods of production in order to obtain maximum comfort. A lot of research is also underway in the field of technologies and materials.

Tom Dixon commented on his cooperation with IKEA, Linking it to the process of global change in the design, production and consumption. Tom believes that the time has come to try new methods of work of the furniture industry.

Global trends lead to the fact that people in the world gets bigger, and the place, respectively, less. Therefore, even inside the house will be erased and the blurring of boundaries between the zones. Often, the house has a large room where people and eat, and drink, and rest.
The result of working with Tom Dixon will be a new collection DELAKTIGWhich will be available soon. No details about the collection of IKEA did not say but we already know that the special attention it has paid the company a sofa and bed.

lamp DELAKTIGCooperation with the Danish studio HAY also completed the launch of the new collection. One of sensational items of this collection is IKEA bag in a new guise. 20 years the design of the famous bags remained unchanged, but HAY studio I went to the experiment, which was very successful. Mette Hai, Founder of the studio HAY, speaking of the new collection, stressed that the main furniture in it will be available in gray, white and green colors.

New bag IKEA

IKEA Furniture

The next important event will be the release of the year 2017 collection IKEA PS17. Above it works 21 (!) The designer, the collection will include 100 60 ideas and new products. It will be a collection without boundaries, aimed at the younger generation of people who live in modern cities. Creating IKEA PS17 collection takes place at the close of designers involved in the production, to meet their own experience with the technology and materials used. Making products takes place in the shop, and rework if necessary - directly in the process. Besides furniture and accessories, The collection will be presented and products, such as healthy drinks, spices and cereals.

IKEA PS17Collection PS17New collection PS17In 2017 year IKEA will appreciate our updated STOCKHOLM collection. The motto of the collection - Smart Craftsmanship, which translated to English means - "a clever craft." According to the creative director Viveka OlssonUnder this slogan meant the creation of high-quality furniture for maximum comfort at an affordable price. The main emphasis is on the collection of natural materials such as blown glass, ash, pure wool. The collection was created with a maximum immersion in the production process. Creating a wicker chair STOCKHOLM, Nike Karlsson I went to Indonesia to study weaving technology.

Nike Karlsson

Wicker chairs IKEA

Thus, the inspiration for the designers were not only natural materials, but also the nature, the country's growth or production of these materials. At the heart of the collection - blue color and its shades, as well as juicy orange, reminiscent of sunsets North Sweden.

STOCKHOLM RugTextile designer Hannah Dalrot Stresses that, in order to let the house of Swedish nature, she used watercolor paintings depicting the solar glare, the waves in a storm, the lake landscape. Objective designer - To bring the natural harmony in the house.

Hannah Dalrot

IKEA FabricRefresh and children collection LATTJOWhich will be presented books and coloring books, stuffed toys, and even bed linens and accessories. At this time, to create a collection of legendary studio was involved Dream WorksIn cooperation with which 25 short was filmed cartoon about characters from LATTJO collection. This collection aims to parents spent with their children more time.

Collection LATTJOChildren's Collection LATTJOIn general, Marcus EngmanWho is the head of IKEA design development, he said the company IKEA today open to work with young designers, and very willing to cooperate with Design schools from different countries.

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