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Your kitchen is one hundred percentBe fed kitchen environment and you dream about changes or perhaps you started a grand renovation? Participate in the contest entitled "Dream Kitchen»From IKEA and win! The winners will receive IKEA gift certificates (100, 000 and 30 rubles for the first, second and third places, respectively) to make their dreams come true. Everything is possible with IKEA, so don't miss your chance and start collecting votes for your dream kitchen project today!

Just a few simple steps separate you from the coveted victory:

  • make a quality photo of the kitchen at this stage;
  • be creative and realize their ideas using 3D-planner IKEA kitchens;

Be sure to take a screenshot of the final result of the project. Do not be scared of technical issues, as the program comes with an intuitive interface, very easy to use and do not need to be "hardened" designerTo work in it and create.

  • write a small but compelling story about why you deserve the top prize;
  • the result of previous 3-8's steps to upload to the site in July
10 projects that will attract the most attention of users in the form of votes, will be considered by the competent jury. Spend a little time and place the fruits of their labor social networksTell friends about their participation in the competition - all this will surely bring extra points closer to the final and that you will soon become the owner of the kitchen you've always dreamed. The result will be selected three best works. And remember what you deserve cuisine "all 100"!

According to IKEA.

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