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Catalogues and brochures IKEA

Catalogues and brochures IKEA 2012 (Russia)

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Catalogues and brochures IKEA on 2012 year. Keep for updates.

The main catalog IKEA 2012 year

The theme of the new catalog: "Few places does not happen!" A small apartment has its own advantages - cheaper to maintain, less to clean, and so on. N. But to make it cozy and comfortable for all family members can be difficult ... In the catalog of this year, IKEA presented many interesting and fresh ideas that will help maximize the use of space of the house - to the last centimeter. In addition, as always, more affordable prices are not a number of goods, including on the storage system BESTÅ.

Catalogue of kitchens and home appliances IKEA 2012

Kitchen - is the heart of the home. Smells, sensations - what could be better. IKEA kitchens pays special attention, it is no wonder it every year produces separate catalog dedicated to them. In each new catalogs, and this is no exception, showing us new IKEA interiors that its designers are happy to develop for us. If you yourself are going to design your kitchen, be sure to read the tips featured in this catalog.

Universal BESTÅ storage system IKEA 2012

Whether you are looking for a simple TV stand or multifunction system capable to fit every last detail of the house, a series of BESTÅ may be useful to you. Any of the combinations can be arbitrarily build on and expand. Select one of the ready-made solutions and, if necessary, modify it according to your needs, taste and space available.

IKEA wardrobes 2012

This brochure presents the complete combination wardrobe. Affordable, beautiful appearance and internal sudobnym Wardrobe PAX will not leave you indifferent. Podyschu suits your wardrobe option in this directory.

Mattresses, pillows and blankets IKEA 2012

The mood in which you wake up in the morning, you can judge how you sleep at night and how to spend the day ahead. After all, from the comfort of sleep depends your condition at all other times of the day. This booklet will help you choose the mattress and bedding, which are perfect for you. You see the range of mattresses, blankets and pillows, learn about quality assurance of goods and materials from which they are made. Using this information, you can easily create conditions for sound sleep and waking.

IKEA catalog 2012
Kitchen and household appliances IKEA 2012
Universal BESTÅ storage system IKEA 2012

IKEA wardrobes 2012
Mattresses, pillows, blankets IKEA 2012
New brochure IKEA 2012

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