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Collection ANVENDBAR designed specifically to expand the range IKEA CatalogueFilling it with products that will bring your home to nature and turn life there into pure pleasure. This was possible because ANVENDBAR goods consist of ceramics, glass, cotton and wood, in a word, from natural materials. ANVENDBAR refresh your interior and will make it more environmentally friendly.
Kitchen towel ANVENDBAR Individually designed, from 100% cotton. On the towel has a loop for hanging towels * size 70 50 cm. Recall the environmental objectives with 1 September last year for the production of their products IKEA only uses cotton, which comes from more environmentally friendly sources.
ANVENDBAR dishcloth

Bench for sorting waste on wheels, which, like the majority of IKEA furniture, you want to collect on their own. This is a unique development IKEA: under the cover of the pine bench space is available, where you can place containers for waste sorting. The loops are closed smoothly, which prevents the risk of catching your fingers when closing the lid. The collected debris can be taken for recycling or disposal. Note that the containers for the bench will need to be purchased separately. It can be Containers of goods series VARERA on 11 and 18 liters. 

ANVENDBAR bench for sorting waste

Vases ANVENDBARWho skilfully made of blown glass masters professionals. The kit includes three vases vases height 10, 7 and 5 see the same diameter - 7 cm.


RћS,SЂRμR · S,RєR ° RЅRё size 300 * 150 cm of cotton can be used for sewing of towels, curtains and other necessary attributes for the kitchen.

ANVENDBAR tissue otrez

Postcards ANVENDBAR, the package contains 8 pieces. The main purpose of ANVENDBAR postcards is to stylize and decorate your interior. They can even be placed in 13 * 18 cm picture frames and hung on the wall.


Also in the ANVENDBAR collection, we found a completely unexpected thing - a 2-tier ceramic proraschivatel. Made proraschivatel of red clay, which ensures a uniform moisture during the germination of seeds. If you need to wash proraschivatel, do it manually and clean water without detergent, and after washing, wash it thoroughly.

ANVENDBAR proraschivatel

Reversible plaid (170 * 130 cm) of different colors on both sides. Caring is not difficult for them are machine washable at 40 degrees, but not recommended for dry cleaning.


Kitchen cloth ANVENDBAR, 20 * 20 cm. The package contains 4 rags, which can be purchased for only 399 rubles. These kitchen napkins will absorb moisture well and will not damage the surface, so they can be safely used for absolutely any coating. 

ANVENDBAR kitchen cloth

Curtain ANVENDBAR made of thick fabric, which can be used to hang the door and rid the house of drafts. Curtains can be hung on a curtain rod and curtains on the bus. Do not miss out of the spotlight that when washing curtains can shrink 4% (the maximum amount). As the curtains is to 80% of the cotton, and flax 20%, it is recommended to iron at high temperature.

ANVENDBAR curtains

Bench with a box for plants ANVENDBAR (119 * 60cm) is designed for two people. It is recommended to equip the bench with ANVENDBAR stickers on the foot of collection FIXAIt will protect the floor from scratches. Caring for an array of beech, which is made from the bench, you can with a damp cloth.

ANVENDBAR bench for plants 

ANVENDBAR poster (50 * 70 cm) will decorate your interior, it, like a card can be inserted into the frame for pictures.


Ceramic pots with self-irrigation ANVENDBARwhich allows the plant to provide water, even when you do not have time for watering, due to the presence of water compartments in the middle of the pots. The kit consists of two parts: the pots themselves and the pallet. 

ANVENDBAR pots with samopolivom

Eco-friendly bag ANVENDBAR for trips to the store to shop instead of disposable bags. It is worth inexpensive bag, just 199 rubles.


Scoop with brush ANVENDBAR with the possibility of hanging on the wall will have at your fingertips, making it easier to clean.

ANVENDBAR dustpan brush

Wine cooler with tray ANVENDBAR (diameter - 10 cm, height - 25 cm). If you wet the cooler for wine with cold water, the drinks will remain cold for a long time. The porous clay from which the wine cooler is made will help cool drinks without the use of ice and energy costs. You can wash the cooler by hand. 

ANVENDBAR cooler for wine

As the "cherry on the cake" - book "Make the house kinder" (96 pages) tells you how to run a greener household while saving money. Here there are creative ideas and practical tips that will help save energy and water, reduce waste and much more. 

Book Make a house kinder

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