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Ottoman with their handsThe household use of a lot of things around us. Sometimes we even give them the wrong definition, simply substituting the concept. What can we say about the history of their origin? Did you know that, for example, an ottoman to us "come" from Egypt, chest of drawers - from France, the father of modern banquettes first appeared in ancient Greece. By the way, all of them can be found on the pages of our column called alterations IKEA. Each piece has its own unique history. We'll tell you about one more exotic furniture representative. Moreover, we show how to make. So, welcome, Ms. ottoman!

This piece of furniture unfairly deprived of attention. But actually ottoman is extremely functionality and convenience. It is inherent ability to give the interior notes of comfort and convenience, and the atmosphere - relaxation and peace. All these features are characteristic of the mysterious East. It was there for the first time there was this piece of furniture. Simply put, in its original form ottoman photo which can be seen on the Internet, is a small sofa. The only difference is that there is no back and armrests. It's so practical thing that it can also be used as an ottoman, coffee table or even a full bed.

LACK table

For the manufacture of ottomans will be used LACK table in white. Depending on what size you want to get this piece of furniture, prepare a solid piece of plywood. An example can be seen in the image below.

Sheet of plywood

The next step is setting plywood sheet wooden bars all around. This is done in order to strengthen the plywood, as well as to facilitate their work in the future.

Upholstery table

Upholstery LAK

Our ottoman among other things, will serve as a ottoman, because we will do a soft upholstery. Made wooden frame provide a place for placing its foundations. For additional reinforcement design can be nailed wooden slats inside the frame.

The holes for the buttons

Next, using a drill bore holes for future buttons. Filling Upholstery will use foam rubber and batting, which are fixed by means of liquid nails. Once the filling is ready, cover the surface of the ottoman batting such a size to secure it inside the frame edge.

Using scissors in foam rubber and batting, we make holes in those places where the buttons will be located. Then we cover everything with a cloth that matches your interior color. We fasten the buttons. The surface of the ottoman will be more presentable if they are slightly drowned. Upholstery fabrics fasten furniture stapled to the inside of the frame.

Lower upholstery batting

Finished upholsteryTop ottoman

It only remains to hide unsightly internal elements and attach legs from the table LACK.

Legs ottoman

To give ottoman even more functionality, no harm will make an additional shelf for storage. Measure the distance between the legs of the Ottomans in length and width, bring down the wooden frame.

Frame for shelves

Reiki for LAK

It fills the required number of strips. Paint the entire structure, and a white paint using fasteners fix on the legs.

Shelf for ottomans

Ready remake

Ottoman their own hands ready, and your house has got another very useful furniture attribute.

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    Super fast quality can own hands to make a correct and comfortable thing in the interior. I will take certainly a mental note.

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