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White LAK cells as a clean sheet

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Artistry to LAKMost recently, under the heading "alterations IKEA»We introduced you to Ikeanstick - a creative workshop with a staff of young talented designers and artists. They create whimsical looks that serve as the basis for making vinyl decals. They can be safely used to decorate IKEA furniture. If you are not satisfied with these newfangled trends in art, or maybe you yourself have a good command of the arsenal of tools for creating artistic masterpieces, we suggest using an alternative option and do it yourself dressing.

As we take as a basis LACK coffee table in white. His countertop like pristine clean white sheet of paper, is the best suited for our purposes. By itself, the table is functional and easy to use due to the extra shelf on which you can store magazines, newspapers, books and other items, so as not to clutter up the main work surface.

Draw marker

To perform drawing itself, as in our case, the need black permanent marker. We offer classic embodiment: black strokes and lines on a white background. Depending on your same ideas, it is possible to use a wider palette of colors. Image, occupying the entire countertop, looks impressive and stylish. Once you have caused him leave the table for a while to dry.

Figure marker

Practice shows that the time does not spare even permanent. If you want to permanently store the created masterpiece painting, then be sure to cover the tabletop varnish. It must be done in 2-3 layer, enabling countertop dry after each application of the varnish. Your LAKKovy exclusive ready!

Masterpiece LAK

This option rework easily revives the table after years of use, in the event of it any damage or simply leave behind their inexpressive fellow. Do not doubt that the table will be a real highlight of any interior, and certainly does not avoid admiring exclamations about the skill and ingenuity of the guests in your home. You may have to spend even a small workshop. Are you ready?

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