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DIY: retractable holder for vacuum cleaner hose

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The vacuum cleaner is very necessary and useful thing, which is claimed in any home. Modern interior household cleaners do not differ from their ancestors and structurally consist of a body, which are hidden pump and air cleaner hose and a set of brushes. Such a vacuum cleaner design is convenient to clean, but during storage have difficulty placing a compact vacuum cleaner parts. This "hack" we would like to show one of the possible options for the storage of the hose of a vacuum cleaner in a confined space.

For alterations we need hose holder RATIONELL IKEA VARERA and a pair of retractable ball guides.

Retractable Telescopic ball bearing slides

If a holder for hose everything is clear, something about the guide I would like to talk a little bit more. We used it ball guide, as they are fairly reliable and cheap, besides the standard roller guides for drawers, we will not do. These guides can be found in any building hypermarkets. The recast of used rails manufactured in Poland.

Now back to the alteration. Idea - to place in a confined space an ironing board and a hose for a vacuum cleaner. To do this, we have a niche about 15 centimeter wide, a globe about 50 cm and a height of about 150 cm. At the chosen height, two ball guides are fixed parallel to each other so that a hose holder can be attached to them. In our version we use telescopic rails of length 40 cm. We screw them to the wall of the niche with the appropriate fasteners (we have furniture screws). We fix the holder for the hose on the sliding parts of the guides. To do this, we used screws and screws for metal, where the holes on the holder and the guides did not match.

hose from a vacuum cleaner storage

There's still a place to store the ironing board :)

A place to store the ironing board

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    ;-) Wow, how practical and affordable! The husband will show, let embody my dream into a reality with your help !!!

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