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Master lounger for relaxation

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Lounger with their handsSofa, couch, chair, bed, hammock, various combinations of all of the above - all devices invented by man for a comfortable sleep and rest. Everyone chooses for himself his own, which fits him for personal settings and room size. Today we remember yet another representative furniture for relaxation - Rug. If you have pets, then watch out! Anatomic can become their permanent if not, then at least part of the place pastime.

Do comfortable bedsAnd, most importantly, without tangible material and time costs very simple. IKEA will gladly help in this. Of the product catalog of our needs can be very useful suit MIDAL - 2-frame bunk beds made of pine. For its size it is a full bed, which we transform into a cozy lounger.

Out of bed in the sunbed

From all we need to frame its upper part. Saw off it from the main frame and use sandpaper to sand the cuts. We cover the paint color that will blend with the interior. Overturn the sawed the top tier bed upside down, and supplied him with mattress lounger with their hands ready. In addition to the top "floor", where you can lie down and relax, even formed a secluded place, where will be able to retire your pets or accommodate any thing.

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    What a wonderful thing and most important large and comfortable. In addition, it is easy to care for and it looks stylish, you need to make yourself such children will appreciate.
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    You know, like this sunbeds just my dream, and I can say thank you to Ikea and its masters for the excellent idea to rework. It has long been planned to establish such a plan under the window lounger, but could not figure out why and how you can build!
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    In fact it turns out that it is very reminiscent of the sofa. But I am very confused here, and the lack of rim general structural strength. I think upside down on the bed body weight is distributed a little differently!

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