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New Life easel MALL

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Easel board-MALL It has long won the love of children and parents and is one of the best selling products IKEA Catalogue. But, unfortunately, all things have their service life, especially if it's children's clothes and accessories - life can be reduced by half. But what if you're used to the favorite things that served faithfully and are not ready to part with it? Of course, to give it new life, upgrade it or make it on the basis of a new piece of furniture or a useful thing for the house. In this case, today we will deal with alteration of the easel MALL series products

If someone is not yet familiar with this product, we will briefly tell you about it. Children's easel MALL IKEA offers in three colors: pink, green, and white pine tree. This double-sided easel, respectively, on one side, children can draw crayonsAnd on the other - special markers. By the way, crayons and markers can also be found in the company's catalog. Easel board-MALL made of eco-friendly solid pine and is covered with acrylic paint.

Easel board-MALL

Marker for the board MALL

Chalk boards for MOLA

For rework we, in fact, need easel MALLas well as a cloth, stapler or glue and utility rope (or thick handles from a shopping bag). 

To start the frame and remove the easel legs, and we are left with only myself drawing board. Then, wrap the board with a cloth on the back side and gently attaches one fabric with a stapler. Top board screwing two holes with a drill, where we fix a pen-holder MALL.

Easel board-MALL

Next - your imagination, which will depend on the ultimate goal. For example, if you plan to use MALL board for classes with children, you can arrange it in the form of windows, where thematic pictures and letters or numbers will be attached. 

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