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Rationally we use the kitchen space with IKEA

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Alteration of IKEA STOLMENIKEA products are unique in that almost any item from the company's catalog lends itself to transformation and can be altered, supplemented or made a combination of individual pieces of furniture that will harmoniously fit into the interior and significantly save room space. With small sizes, for example, kitchens, such experiments become just a godsend. In today's article, we will tell you about such a rational layout for the main room in the house for many families.

Presenting your attention the universal shelf-rack, Combined with a table. For its manufacture is not reasonable to buy a complete section of which is presented in IKEA catalogBecause as standard with a present in her Number of shelves (5 pieces), it is not necessary. We offer the following list of components:

- shelf STOLMEN (110h50 cm) in the required amount to suit your needs;
--1 shoe rack STOLMEN (110 cm);

The entire length of the ceiling to the floor at a distance, which is necessary for the subsequent installation of shelves set Rack. They are height-adjustable in the range of 210 330 to see that absolutely possible to vary in any room. Depending on what you intend to store on a shelf, using the pendant mount place the required number of shelves STOLMEN series. This design has found its application even a shelf Shoe! Secure it in an inclined position and use it as a stand for books, tablet, with a collection of recipes for all meals. On the one hand it is provided with a lock, which does not allow to fall, that is on it.

STOLMEN in the kitchen

The kitchen is never superfluous towels. Hanging on rodInstalled between the studs, you can place the paper version of the much-needed kitchen accessories. Do not disregard the free area - the sides of the racks can also use, securing a few hooks. Do not get too zealous with their number, so as not to create a sense of congestion rack.

In the last set table MODDUS. It is equipped with a hinged hollow, which allow you to adjust the length of the 48 92 to see. If necessary, you can always add up. For this table can be nice to combine the process of eating with your favorite book or watching a movie news.

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