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RAST - children's corner Decoration

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Chest grow by alterationIs already growing child in the family or parents are waiting for the little man, you need to take care of the children's personal space and provide it with all necessary. In addition to the specially designed for this purpose series, IKEA offers many opportunities for adults to make furniture and interior with their own hands, thus embodying their wildest creative ideas.

In our present alteration appears to be very unusual for a child's decision to implement that, we need:

  • 2 3 chest with drawers RAST (62h30h70 cm);
  • nightstand RAST (52h30h40 cm);
  • 2 25 wooden slats length cm;
  • Acrylic paint white and brown colors, stencils;
  • brown stain, roller or brush;
  • bolts.

Due to the fact that chest of drawers RAST and bedside stand from a small range of the same name made using untreated solid wood, this duo is an excellent basis for further transformations. These pieces of furniture have an attractive appearance, largely due to its texture, and alterations in our version, we keep it. To do this, all parts of the chest, with the exception of facades boxes, 2 shelves of bedside tables, racks, which will be located on one of them, cover the stain brown. It is this method of treatment will not only maintain but also to accentuate each Natures bar.

Remaking chest RAST

Further rail must be secured at the top of the sides of each of the drawers. The level at which they should be located, should be selected based on the thickness of the shelf cabinets. It is necessary to observe that hanging shelf with 2-dressers on me around, eventually was single and smooth surface. At the bottom of the boxes at the end by means of bolts fastened another shelf that can be used to store any child items. The space that is created between the chests through the shelves, can be used as a small wardrobe locker. To do this, just need to place there holder for clothes. In the next step for the revitalization of the interior decorate drawer.

Chest grow and stencil

Since in our case we will equip children's room, and then select the image corresponding to this requirement. If you have artistic skills, it is possible to paint the surface, without resorting to any aids. In any case, you can always use prints or stencils

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