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In the style of DIY: transform the bench into a stylish banquette

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Action DIY (from English. Do It Yourself - Russian.«do it yourself") Began in 1980 was and remains important to this day. The main idea of ​​this trend: why pay more when you can do everything yourself. This movement was created a huge number of incredible things. This style is reflected not only in the production of furnitureBut also in music. However, today we do not try to write a musical masterpiece, but only offer the option to create from a conventional bench, very stylish benches in the hallway.

The basis for the future Benches will serve Bench BYURSTABut in addition it will be required and other items:

 - dense fabric with a pattern, in our version - this is a creton blue cloth with white patterns, 1.8 m .;

- White cotton cord, 16 m .;

- White cotton fabric, 1.8 m;

- Foam;

- Permanent marker;

- scissors;

- Hot glue pistol;

- sewing machine;

- iron;

- Pins.

Well, let's start:

To begin, measure the size of the seat bench and cut suitable for this size of a piece of foam rubber.

Now for cloth. Take the blue fabric and cut out of it to the size of the workpiece seat, but do not cut into the butt, back on 3-4 see the edges.

Take a cotton cord and wrap it in a white cloth. Cut off excess fabric so it doesn't get in the way. You need to sew the cord into this white fabric. Try to keep the seam as close to the cord as possible. Iron it all well.

Put a blue cloth face and sew it to the power cord, covered with a cloth.

Now cut the sidewall of the blue fabric for the seat, be sure to make allowances, to be able to fix the fabric under the seat. Good iron it and sew them to the main blank for the seat.

Put on your seat cover made to foam, string, glue with glue and secure with pins from the bottom until the glue dries.

Stool with his hands

Bench DIY

Now let's deal directly with the bench itself. Cut out a blank from the blue fabric. In size, it should completely cover the entire top of the bench and be placed underneath. Glue the fabric to bench.

Take the cord, covered with a cloth and stick it on the bottom edge of the bench.

Go to the legs of our bench. They also need to paste over blue cloth and glue cord, covered with white cloth around the perimeter of the entire bench. Cut and sticking.

It only remains to connect us sewn pillow and pasted the bench together. To cushion never fell from the bench, we recommend to fix it with a special glue.

Bench in hallway

Here is a design is obtained stool with a seat in the hall. Agree, for such a banquette would have to pay not a small sum of money, but, thanks to the direction of DIY, there is always a way to make a design thing cheap available materials.

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