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Fantasia on the theme: "What if ...?"

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The man in green clothesIt has become a tradition. Again a short time, but, as always, capacious in content video from IKEA enters the slender ranks of masterpieces video... This time, the Swedish giant, in collaboration with McCann New York, presented everyday life without textile tenderness and comfort. You cannot call it easy and pleasant. The creative team from McCann New York settled a young family with a small child in an unusual home.

Upholstered furniture in it is made of prickly cactus with large needles, which even can not sit down. Curtains on the windows of the newspapers, rushing at the most inopportune moment. Chandelier of the usual plastic bottles, carpets and replace sand or a plurality of disks attached to one another from the tree. Even clothes Heroes video is presented in a non-standard version. Business men's suit of thick cardboard, and bathrobe "woven" from the fluffy green moss. The young woman's dress from broken plates, in which she had difficulty walking. Did not spare even a custom plan of the director of the child. He is forced to wear a body from the leaves and diaper foil. But the "charm" of life without the textile does not end there.

Clothing without textiles

Head of the family, returning home after work, in his awkward attire can not even come close to their child. Before going to sleep it is still waiting for the expenditure of enormous effort to wash his suit. It turns out, is not so easily put into the washing machine. It seems that the soul is already possible to relax! But no! Barbed cactus cleansers makes a man scream at the slightest touch. Straw and the coverings log under his head instead of silken sheets and soft pillows will take heroes beztekstilny next day.

Rabbit instead of towels

White fluffy little bunny - the only detail, which seems to say that the world around may be different. It ends verbal conclusion that life is really difficult without textiles. A little bit of softness can dramatically change your life.

Bed of grass

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IKEA offers the widest choice of use textile goods from napkins for devices to tissues with designer prints, allowing to realize their personal ideas on Home Improvement. Developers offer us think outside the box. Change the wallpaper on tissue paper or lengths of cloth to make a real art gallery. Simply attach to the frame stylish STOCKHOLMBewitching TRODKLЁVER or diverse GULVI. Restless IKEA invites with special markers and tissue TIDNI create an exclusive design, and your children will help you with this. Cloth Gurin can be used as the application material by cutting it from the images of fruit and leaves.

In your family expected completion? Then you should visit the section Clothes for kidsIn which there is everything you need. IKEA grows with your baby and help to build a nursery. Just want to freshen up the interior? Elements of textiles cope with this task perfectly.

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