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IKEA: 8 life of megacities in the morning

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Life in the morningIKEA had interesting experimentAs a result of which have been published as people spend the morning in 8-of the largest cities in the world. The report is called "Life at Home: A World Wakes Up", which means "life at home: the world wakes up." As for cities research were chosen Moscow, Berlin, Shanghai, Paris, Stockholm, New York, London and Mumbai.

Report consists of a "bare" facts without conclusions. In each of the selected cities were interviewed one thousand people of different age, occupation, income, housing, etc. Complete information is available in the Data Mixing Board, and it can be filtered according to certain parameters. Also in the report is a comparison infographics, which reflects the degree of satisfaction with their quality of life of people.

Breakfast at home

Site has a beautiful and easy to navigate. for detailed information about the habits of the residents of each city, including authentic photo illustrations from the lives of real people.

For example, a few random Morning facts of life residents of different cities:

86% Muscovites believe that kiss and hug the child in the morning - this is important, but in fact this is only 39% of families;

53% mumbaytsev recite a prayer;

6 of 10 New Yorkers and 7 10 from mumbaytsev breakfast at home;

71% Parisians play with their children;

5% of Shanghai a little work in the morning at home;

56% of Londoners and residents 23% Mumbai do not consider the morning "their time";

Morning life in Mumbai

56% residents Berlin's and 44% residents London wake up in the morning 7, the corresponding figure for Muscovites - only 36%;

52% Stockholmers take a bath in the morning about 11 minutes;

52% ShanghaiansWho see themselves as "owls" are losing their creative potential, waking up too early;

58% of Muscovites over breakfast to discuss the next case.


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