IKEA Advertising Campaign

Hard as steel, reliable as armor: IKEA furniture tested

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IKEA and climbingNon-standard solutions, strength, durability. These factors governed by Swedish giant in the manufacture of its products. Confident in their products, the company periodically arranges demonstration tests. With their help, clearly demonstrated furniture quality.

If you have visited IKEA stores, you probably could see them installed in glass cubes. Customers can watch through a variety of mechanical installations, every day mercilessly tormented by drawers, doors. To test its strength IKEA furniture also offers its potential customers.

Thus in France the company opens the first 30-shop. This anniversary furniture manufacturer decided to celebrate in a very peculiar, aligning the announcement of the opening of the next trading terms and advertising their products. 

Climbers at IKEA

In this regard, it is to help communications agency Ubi Bene. In the center of Clermont-Ferrand jointly by IKEA and Ubi Bene it was constructed wall height 9 meters, which is fully simulated device climbing.

IKEA advertising campaign

You may ask: "What has the furniture here?" The fact is that on the wall instead of the usual hand grips and supports for the feet of the products have been used IKEA Catalogue. Anyone, but only under the supervision of experienced climbers, can feel like a climber, to overcome obstacles in the form of cabinets, shelves, stools, cabinets or sit on the wall, attached to the sofa or chair.

Stand IKEA Furniture

This advertising the course was highly appreciated and recognized as the best of what was presented to the company in recent years. Wall has not only become an attractive attraction, but also an opportunity to appreciate the high quality of the furniture in the extreme conditions. Passers-by were also observed and noted with delight the fact that this kind of stand It is a stylization of the usual city apartment. If you look closely, you can see the kitchen, living room, bedroom and children's room without difficulty.

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    Now so previredlivye buyers that have little to do just beautiful furniture, it should be even and robust and strong, mi Ikea representatives demonstrate the superiority of their furniture on these indicators.

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