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Wireless charging gadgets from IKEA

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Lamp-ChargeIn mid-April, the Swedish furniture giant has announced the commencement of sales of lamps and bedside tables with built-in function wireless charging. Geography of sales so far covers only the US and the UK. The essence of innovation lies in the fact that c support Qi technology, new interior items to help charge the Samsung smart phones, HTC, Nokia and Nexus. If the gadget provides the function of wireless charging (Samsung Galaxy or iPhone), IKEA has provided the presence of USB docking stations.

Tangled cables irritate people, as well as the lack of outlets for charging smartphones. The representative of IKEA Jeanette Skeylmoss clarified that innovationAssociated with the integration of wireless charging plates in home furnishings home life easier. The main idea - to make the house more intelligent, but do not go into the electronics. 


Qi charging standard is the development of the Consortium of Wireless Electromagnetic Energy - WPC, Wireless Power Consortium - which was founded in 2008. Note that this standard is preferred by most manufacturers of tablets and smartphones, such as, for example, HTC, Asus, Huawei, Motorola Mobility, LG Electronics, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Yota Devices. Qi devices use induction of an electromagnetic nature between two coils. One of them is the base connected to the source energyAnd the second - the receiver, which is located inside the rechargeable device. By induction of electromagnetic fields of different battery powered devices can, even when you are in 4 cm from the source of energy. To this end, new furniture IKEA will have built the site, representing energy transmitters with a "plus".

Charging for smartphone

Cost of innovative solutions - 30 pounds, which is about US $ 46. In the UK, sales will begin in mid-April.

Wireless charging

The new group will consist of tables for different purposes, as well as fixtures connected to the source Power in the usual way and contain built-in charger electromagnetic devices.

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