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The corporate network from T-Systems

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T-Systems hasT-Systems has, A subsidiary of Europe's largest telecommunications German company Deutsche Telekom, announced the signing of a contract with a representative of IKEA in Russia for the development of the corporate network. It is reported that its main advantage will be a high degree of data protection and high-speed access to remote resources. The ambitious project is estimated at 3,2 million euros.

To create a virtual private network is planned to be used international MPLS network platformWhich belongs to T-Systems. This technology will allow for the operation of all business-critical applications, data on IP-protocols with retention of high speed, quality and security of access to data, covering worldwide locations representative of the Swedish giant.

Incorporating technology, all employees of the Russian IKEA will have unhindered access to all applications and the ability to remotely connect to corporate resources. Implementation of this option, the connection is made through the Russian offices IKEA to MPLS nodes through channels that are spaced along the routes.

Corporate network, providing a high degree of security connections - the main demand put forward by the leadership of the IKEA inspired T-Systems to the use of non-standard solutions in the design of a network diagram. All the necessary cryptographic equipment will be installed on the nodes T-Systems, a module performs encryption operate on client sites. This equipment is manufactured in Russia and is accompanied by all the necessary certificates.

Platform mpls

Decisive factor for choosing T-Systems was the presence of the company FSB license granting the right to provide a wide range of activities and services related to the development, product, distribution and subsequent provision of encryption services dataUsing secure telecommunications and information systems.

IKEA Russia

Manual T-Systems in the person of General Director Alexei Toskin, expressed appreciation that it is they have the right to work of the entire spectrum of works on adjustment corporate network. After all of the results depends the fate of further expansion of cooperation T-Systems and IKEA have a higher global level.

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