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Happy Birthday: IKEA 20 years in Spain

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In Spain, IKEA has come quite a long time, the company's first stores were opened in the year 1996 Barcelona и Madrid. And just today, the anniversary of the Spanish IKEA - 20 years since the arrival of the production-trade holding in the country. In honor of the anniversary of the Madrid exhibition of works that tell all interested people about IKEA, its past and future plans, as well as the present developments in Spain.

Walls COAM (Official College of Architects of Madrid) decorated with exposition called "20 years, IKEA". Here are collected the most remarkable pieces of furniture, company brochures, slogans and advertising campaigns. One of the funny slogans, which attracts attention is the phrase dedicated Swedes, who "came to Spain not only to sunbathe." On Show You can also visit the interesting facts from IKEA history. Interestingly, the Spanish artists decided to share his view on IKEA products.

IKEA Madrid

IKEA picture

The exhibition held practical workshops dedicated design и decor. You can try to dive into virtual reality, where you walk through the kitchen IKEA, and, if desired, may even be able to make changes in the furnishings.

IKEA in Spain

The exhibition will be closed for a month and 5-June. It is situated at the address: Madrid, Calle de Hortaleza, 63.

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