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Collaboration IKEA Instinct and got a decent reward

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IKEA buildingFinally, one of the winners of the annually held prize The Webby Awards, which honors only the best Internet projects were representatives from Russia. As announced in April 28, advertising campaign of the Swedish giant named won the main prize in the category of Interactive Advertising & Media «Draw advertising."

Recall that the development of the whole concept of advertising creative agency engaged Instinct. It was sort of project projectWhich was held as part of a large-scale advertising campaign under the slogan promising "to do what you want." The idea was that parents in the regeneration of living space consulted with their children. This is especially true, of course, a child's room. Head of Marketing Nicholas Jonsson, one of many in the team IKEA, also believes that the younger generation should take an active part in the creative process to create a home-like atmosphere, and the task of parents - to listen to them and try to put it into practice.

IKEA contest

And in order not to be unfounded, creators agencies Online IKEA placed a special application, with which any child aged up to 5 12 years could create your drawing. There was only one condition. In the process of drawing it was necessary to use one of the things IKEA catalog. The most outstanding work of young artists have been used for outdoor of advertising IKEA products in many major Russian cities.

Junior Eurovision

This award is notable for the fact that the competition about 12 works were announced. All of them were evaluated by a competent jury. In addition to world-class stars, it included more than 000 experts from IADAS - the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. On May 550, a ceremony will be held in New York, at which IKEA and Instinct will be awarded a prestigious award.

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