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i-Top "in jokes": 10 most fun products Latta

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That's really surprised IKEA her new collection, which includes toys and all kinds of accessories for gaming - Latta. Nicolas Kortolezis - designer collection products Latta - it considers the game a universal language, which is available for communication to all generations around the world. Games help us build relationships and fun. We, in turn, decided to make its own ranking the coolest products from the collection of latte and present it to your attention.
1. Darts latte. The name of the game "darts" from the English word went darts, which means "darts". This word came to be called the game in which you need to throw darts at a target on the wall. IKEA offers its own version of the game for darters, where instead of throwing darts you need to ... fish (the target included in the kit). Funny, is not it?
Darts latte
2. Yo-yo latte. What a wonderful toy with the name? These are two identical disks, which are secured together by means of a shaft on which the rope loop wears. Yo-Yo Works on the principle of the gyroscope. The game promotes the development of visual and motor coordination and concentration. Encourage your child to achieve all the best result each time through constant training.

Yo-yo latte

3. Bag jumping latte - for various fun games and competitions in the open air. Recall school times and arrange competitions with children?

lMeshki jump latte

4. Spherical Puzzle latte (folding puzzles) in various motifs, which helps develop children's logical thinking and fine motor skills.

Puzzle latte

5. Costume robot - this includes two products from the collection Latta: helmet и the robot arm. This suit will help to develop social skills, as playing, children subconsciously try to imitate adults and come up with a role. The size and hat, arms and the same for children and adults.

Costume robot latte

6. Costume rat latte: nose (12 * 10 cm) tail (115 * 4 cm) rats. With this suit you and your children can depict, for example, rat-driver of "Cinderella" or Remy the rat from the animated film "Ratatouille," whoever you have represented all that awaits you - a complete delight. The costume is simple but very funny. Suitable for both child and adult.

Costume rat

7. Wig latte in the form of a cap, shapochka- "brain" и shapochka- "insect". Wigs can be used in tandem with other toys collection.

Cap-brain latte

8. Game LATTO to hit the target, Develops coordination and the ability to tailor the distance. The play set includes 10 cones and three balls.

Game latte

9. You want to feel like Freddy Krueger and terrifying monster? Voila! Gloves-paws latte at your service.

Gloves-paws latte

10. And, in our opinion, a hit collection - beard и mustache Latta. Given that the beard is now in vogue, then such beard and mustache you clearly compelling and trend! Success, admiring looks - yes, it's all about you!

Beard latte

Fun games collection Latte from IKEA!


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