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i-Top: serve an holiday table

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If you do not know how to decorate your festive table - no problem! Today we are together with you to discuss possible solutions for creating a festive mood in the house in the New Year's Eve. And importantly, that the table was beautifully decorated and served, because he also is a symbol of tradition and celebration New Year

1. What comes to mind first when thinking table setting? Of course, his "clothes", that is - the tablecloth. We offer two stylish options to solve the issue. The first involves the use of red tablecloths Series WINTER 2016 and white track with a pattern of the same series. The second option is radically opposite: white tablecloth WINTER 2016 and red reading track Marit. As you may have guessed, the track will serve as a beautiful bright accent that ennoble and decorate a festive table.

White tablecloth WINTER 2016

Red tablecloth WINTER 2016

Tabletop Track WINTER 2016

2. Moving on: dishes. Here our favorite this season is the updated series dishes VARDAGEN. It is so self-sufficient that using only it can serve even the most "sophisticated" table, designed for any number of guests. In fact, most of all, we need only the plates, bowls and conventional Serving, dishes, dessert plates and coffee cups with saucers. For alcohol, we advise you to choose glasses of HEDERLIG seriesSince they have carefully categorized: champagne glasses, glasses of red and white wine. Cognac wine glasses can be found in OPTIMAL collection, glasses for whiskey - at Darroch.



3. So, tablecloth and dishes chosen. What next? . Any useful "gizmo" to lay out beautiful fruit, candy, etc. fit into this category: 3-tier Serving KVITTERA stand, 2-tier rack of a series of products GarnerTransparent glass Servingstand with the lid ARV BRЁLLOP, Basket of bread from the new collection WINTER 2016, Serving bowls TRYUGG, FINSTILT, Bland MATT и Bland FORM, salad bowl kemiske.

Serving stand Garner

TRYUGG Serving bowl

Basket of bread WINTER 20164. We can not ignore the holiday home lighting. Traditionally, we are accustomed to see in the New Year's garland, IKEA also offers them an option of lighting: Garlands on 12, 24 and 48 LEDs from collections SVARTRO и SOLARVET, LED candle heat tracing footsteps, Table lamps, chandeliers and candlesticks STRÅLA. Also absolutely on festive look shades for suspended luminaires STRÅLA.

LED festoon SKRUV


STRÅLA lampshade for hanging lamps

Candlestick STRÅLA5. Symbols of New Year decorations. In this section we have selected commodities such as aromatic and non-aromatic candles PHENOMENONArtificial Christmas trees Fakes, Balls decoration SOMLIG, numerous hanging decorations WINTER 2016, artificial wreaths SMIKKAThat you can decorate not only the front door, and the table.

Artificial wreath SMIKKA

SOMLIG decoration ball

Rack WINTER 2016 decorations

6. How in the New Year without gifts for friends and loved ones! In the latter category of today's i-Top includes all products that are suitable for processing and packaging of holiday gifts. Mainly wrapping rolls WINTER 2016, Scotch tape, gift bags and boxes from the same collection. If you invite guests, it will be a pleasant surprise for them if you pack and put a gift for everyone in his place at the festive table. 

Gift box WINTER 2016

Wrapping paper WINTER 2016

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