What is the IKEA PS (IKEA PS)?

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IKEA PS (IKEA PS) - is the name of the elite designer collections IKEA. On the data collections by the best designers as IKEA, and invited her.

The letters "SS" mean "postscript", then we are talking about the latest developments in the world of Swedish design. The first IKEA PS collection was presented in 1995 year. It was a real event for professionals, and for the millions of ordinary people who care about the beauty and comfort of your home. IKEA PS Russian premiere took place in year 2003.


IKEA_PS_1995 The first IKEA PS collection was presented in Milan and Stockholm under the slogan "democratic design". Updating the Scandinavian design tradition, the launch of the collection has caused a great stir in the world of design, and the collection itself was a huge success.

IKEA PS 1998 (IKEA PS2 Continued)

IKEA_PS_1998 The second generation of IKEA PS collection was presented and immediately became a natural complement to the IKEA range. The concept of a second collection was, save high standard of design and at the same time make the price even lower.

IKEA PS 2001

IKEA_PS_2001 The third IKEA PS collection was dedicated to multifunctionality. To make the price of items of the collection is even lower, IKEA has developed and adapted collection directly at the factory, reducing unnecessary costs.

IKEA PS 2003 (Children SS)

IKEA_PS_2003 This year, the IKEA PS collection for children was created. The task of the collection was to put design into play, to think about child development and flight of thought, while not forgetting about practicality. It was not a design for furniture for children, but rather a design for endless play in all its possible and impossible forms. The result of all this was something new and unique. IKEA called it "play furniture".

IKEA PS 2006 (What if ...?)

IKEA_PS_2006 What if the most sumasshedsshie ide become the most wise decision? Collection 2006 years IKEA has set designers task to not think in any framework to experiment with new materials, new techniques and new approaches to work. They replied, "fountain" inventive, individual and madly innovative ideas for every home bold enough to be unconventional.

IKEA PS 2009

Above the new IKEA PS collection 20 work of designers from different countries - both from IKEA and specially invited. They opened for IKEA customers a world where modern designs are organically intertwined with the Swedish cultural traditions, emphasizing the naturalness and beauty of natural materials.

Each piece of the collection - it is the whole story. The story of the tiny seeds, ideas, giving sprouts. The story of IKEA Swedish roots, the nature and the new features. The story of caring for the world and our responsibility for it.

Each piece from the new collection IKEA PS differs originality and identity. And all together they speak of longing IKEA to do a first-class design affordable to many people.

Details and the new IKEA PS collection, composition designers, stories about the creation of each item in the collection IKEA PS you can find on the site

Photos of all the items in the collection IKEA PS 2009

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