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Home mini telpitsa IKEA - SoccerAs you know, summer residents prepare and open the country season long before the arrival of the long-awaited spring. They construct mini greenhouses for their seedlings (which is not always convenient and aesthetically pleasing) and they are placed on the windowsill, who is on the balcony. And then the blanks are sent to the dacha. However, there is a category of people who can not afford beds in a country house or near a house, but they always dreamed about it. Yes, and independently make a hotbed, often, there is no free time. Grow your own vegetables and greens, serve on the table - nice and useful. How to realize your dream?

Home mini greenhouse IKEA SoccerAll the impossible possible! Creating a newfangled miniature tabletop soccer greenhouses for urban residents an alternative proof. Developer of practical ideas is a company that cares about you and your comfort at home: IKEA. Designer of the new device for growing herbs and plants in the home became Sarah Feger, who took care of the compactness and appearance of the "home farm".

Here is a small elegant house of your dreams from IKEA: greenhouse Soccer, Painted in white color, material and workmanship - steel and decorative coating: white oxide film. The set can pick up pots and watering at a bargain price from Soccer series.

The main features of the greenhouse Soccer:

  1. noble unobtrusive design: perfect for any decor, refresh and invigorate any "gray" room.
  2. favorable conditions for the growth and maturation of plants;
  3. ease of use;
  4. does not take up much space;

In addition, the seedlings can be grown as a vegetable and flower crops: space inside is more than enough, especially since the "window" of the greenhouse can be opened up for maximum comfort and growth. Suitable for protection of thermophilic houseplants. When the need arose to go away for a long time out of the house you will not have problems with its transportation.

Home mini greenhouse IKEA Soccer

Well, as an optimal solution from IKEA home gardening? Agree, it is worth a try! After all, one of the mini greenhouses can get a whole greenhouse, where you can, without leaving the house to collect their own harvest of greens and vegetables all year round!


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