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Jubilee Poeng - 40 years together

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Today we talk about series Poeng: What are its features, why it is so fond of buyers? Firstly Poeng series created specifically for you, she repeats the shape of the body, maintaining a comfortable neck and back, in order to maximize relaxation. You just need to determine the type of frame and coverWhich can be leather or textile, and then have fun on the operating Poeng chair.

So, Poeng It represents quality, functionality, perfect shape, environmental friendliness and an affordable price "in one bottle." It is fully consistent with the ideas democratic design, Which promotes the company IKEA.

Poeng comfort

Who created this wonderful Scandinavian design? 40 years ago Noboru Nakamura, Who was originally from Japan, he has created a unique U-shaped seat, so that when a person gets into it, he could comfortably accommodate, and even if you want to wiggle. An important emphasis was that the chair is not fettered movement and not be forced into it in an awkward position. A task Poeng diametrically opposite - to be a favorite place for relaxation in the house.

As Noboru said Northern Europe was once aroused his interest in design-oriented person. Interior Scandinavian style Not only pleasant to the eye, but also for tactile contact, quite functional and, most importantly, thought out to the smallest detail. 

Form Poeng

It's no secret that style and elegance will never go out of style. This calm beauty really fascinates with its elegance. 

Style Poeng

In honor of 40-anniversary Poeng IKEA has released new versions 6 covers:

- Leather Case Genuine leather, be relevant at all times;

- textile covers in assortment of colors and designs.

Textiles Poeng

It brought into sharp focus when creating IKEA Poeng and environmental topic. multilayer wood frame It gives the chair durability, and compact packaging reduces waste.

Ecology Poeng

It should be emphasized, of course, and high quality chair Poengthat passed the test of time. 

Quality Poeng

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