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Emotional conversations in the style of "vintage"

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Vintage chest of drawers EXPEDITIn order to begin to understand what is it like to vintage styleLet's look at the facts of this mannered appearance on hearing the word in our vocabulary. It has removed us from the French dictionary and originally meant for a high quality wine with a long exposure. And, as you know, the wine seasoned, the more refined taste it acquires.

But back to the reality of headings alterations IKEA and define, what a vintage style in the interior. This is not nothing but a competent and concise combination of two epochs: modern and ancient. Many people mistakenly believe that the more and more clearly the thing bears the imprint of time, so it is vintage. And this is a profound mistake. Vintage style in the interior it is primarily the compliance of all objects and elements of decor high quality, which demonstrates unsurpassed generosity and their uniqueness.

Remaking EXPEDIT

Items from the IKEA catalog are perfect for the role for today's rework. They are modern, practical, and additional decoration and accessories corresponding to the selected style will help to implement it fully. For the basics we take 2 rack EXPEDIT series size 79h39h79 see in white. It is versatile and allows, as mounted on a wall or be mounted on the floor. So how do we create chest of drawers in vintage style, It is acceptable for us this second use of the racks of the series. To shelves became more like a chest of drawers, on the part of the design that is on the floor, nailed a small wooden board thickness segments. Thus, we get a kind of projection. Further, for the manufacture of doors for each rack cut on 7 plates the size of its inner frame. In general, the number of turns 14 pieces. On the reverse side sew them with rods and nails into a single door "canvas."

Vintage style

In many ways, vintage style created due to the small details. In our case it will handle in the form of an inverted halves small bowls with external attachment. Once we adjoin with hinges made door cover them and our racks paint. Then, for each door handle rail set. Ultimately, we need them 14 pieces.

Ready vintage chest of drawers

In this simple way, we have created from conventional shelving exclusive piece of furniture in the art vintage.

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