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Kitchen for little housewife from IKEA

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General view of the children's foodAt that just do not go for the sake of the baby was satisfied, even this vossozdash children's kitchenette with a toy stove, oven and plenty of cabinets for various "economic" accessories and all this on the basis of the usual rack IKEA. Of course, alteration may seem daunting, because it will require cutting out holes, trimming wall rack, but it is at first glance, in fact, action is required not so much.

Consider them all in detail, but first define what we need:

  • EXPEDIT, A rack on wheels;
  • old bowl;
  • piece of plywood;
  • Tube - 4 pcs .;
  • plexiglass (Organic glass).

First you need to adjust the height EXPEDIT shelving, The upper section is reduced by about half, unscrew the top of the wall and shorten the upper part of the shelves, and then back to the top of the Fasten already shortened the shelf.

Desk closeup

The most extreme area of ​​the rack on the left is reserved for the so-called "wash" as the shell will be used old metal bowl. It is very convenient for this purpose to take a bowl for dogs, as it has a protruding edge that is very convenient for its adaptation to cut a hole in the countertop.

Kitchen in pink

After the problem was solved with a sink, you need to think about the stove and oven that for the kitchen can be without these two important attributes? Let's start from the stove. Hot plates cut from plywood, then painted in black color and are attached to the table top, mimicking the hob. Also black painted border of our improvised tiles. As the cork handles are screwed under the plate in such a way that they can be scrolled.

Kitchen of EXPEDIT assembly

On the stove, it seems, understood, and what about the oven? Its creation will be used plywood and a piece of Plexiglas. Door make plywood, it should be the size of a cell in the lowest shelf of the rack, it is cut out large opening to the oven in this window can be done. Window will just plexiglass. Attach a "window" do handle with which you can open the oven, and then attach the finished design to the bottom shelf of the rack, under the slab.

Table and chairs in the children's kitchen


Decorate the kitchen with the help of small things

At this most difficult action to an end, now remains only to create comfort in the children's kitchen. Beautiful curtains, Towelie with lace, pot holders and various decorative elements give the kitchen a little nice touches and look for everything little hostess!

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