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Quillen - elegance and functionality

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Organizer for jewelryThis seemingly simple things like Photo FrameQuite often comes to play the role of a gift. Most of it and used for its intended purpose, inserting it memorable or just a nice looking captured moments of life. In today's remake we move away from a template and show how you can still use Photo Frame.

IKEA Catalogue not replete with a variety of frame shapes. Mostly these are simple rectangular outline without any outstanding details. Against this background, frame Quillen look very nice. It is their we will use. Quillen frame made of white plastic and are available in two variations. One form rectangleAnd the other - oval. They are remarkable graceful curls framed that give originality. Frames can be fixed in different positions: horizontally, vertically or mounted on a wall.

Paint the frame

Color can work wonders. And we will use this property and cover our gold frame spray paint. This color performance, they began to look much nobler and richer.

Burlap for the frame

Then, pre-cooked bolts of burlap and a cork board, proportionate framework, glued together using a special glue for decoupage Mod Podge. He dries it becomes transparent, which makes it indispensable when performing this type of work.

Drawing on sacking

After bonding parts have dried completely, the middle frame using Stencil (Stencils can be downloaded from Internet sites) and paint the black silhouetted image. The texture of materials allows us to apply a frame to store earrings.

Ready remake

So, by using simple components in the form of burlap and cork, you can connect aesthetics and practicality.

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