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My best gift from IKEA

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Today we have a "deluxe" mood. We will offer gift options that you can make with your own hands for friends and family. We have in stock frame RibbyAs well as ideas, which inspired us to the interests and hobbies of the people whom we give gifts.

The first idea to registration flower potPlaced inside the frame without the use of glasses. Thus it will be possible to water the flowers. The ideal option would be cactus in small but bright pots.

RIBBA and cacti

Next idea can be used as a gift for lovers Golf Course. As you can see in the photo, they were used to rework 4 golf balls, which are fixed to the surface with glue and painted in bright colors.

RIBBA and golf

If your friend loves Board games, Instead of golf balls you can use dice and / or chips.

RIBBA and dice

If your child likes to play LEGOIt is possible to build a combination of figures and designer LEGO.


Let's work and paper. A small hint: use characters from favorite fairy tales and you get an excellent visualization for registration children's room.

RIBBA and tales

As usual, the "dessert" the most interesting! Pre-draw with children cartoon or story on a long piece of paper, wrap it in a tube, and secure, done by the hole. On the second tube will be wound already viewed fragments of history. Funny homemade "filmstrip", is not it?

RIBBA Frame Photo

Figures for the frame

Filmstrip RIBBA

We believe that such personal gifts will always be a success!

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