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IKEA Advertising Campaign

As we celebrate Halloween with IKEA

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Halloween at IKEAWhat holiday is celebrated in October 31? That's right! Halloween! So IKEA has participated in the event and contributed to the design of the original holiday. Will make a bit of clarity in the history of the origin of the holiday. Halloween is a modern holiday, which, however, dates back to the ancient traditions of Irish and Scottish Celtic. Mark it on the eve of All Saints' Day. Official holiday Halloween has never been, although traditionally celebrated in English-speaking countries.

Halloween has a variety of characters with its long history. For example, pumpkin fixtures went from Celtic ● Create custom lights. These lanterns, according to legend, to find a way to help souls in purgatory. First pumpkin used 1837 year in America. Traditional and choice of costumes for holiday. As a rule, it suits the heroes of horror films. Also widely used symbols of autumn, mainly in orange and black colors.

This year, IKEA struck diversity goodsWhich was proposed to use for interior decoration home for the holiday.


Making holiday

And also issued a special roller- "Horror", dedicated to Halloween. The boy goes on a children's bicycle on a huge supermarket IKEA under ominous music, but in the end the horrible monsters in his imagination are just his parents. This video clip is a parody of the cult horror film Stanley Kubrick titled "The Shining." For those who have a desire to compare commercial and original trailer, we have provided both the video. Happy viewing!

{mp4} video / stories / articles / reklama / v_mire / halloween-party / the-shining {/ mp4}

{mp4} video / stories / articles / reklama / v_mire / halloween-party / ikea-halloween {/ mp4}

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    Do not even surprised to learn that the company IKEA is actively involved in the preparations for such a fun and at the same time a terrible holiday. I liked the lights and themed accessories are offered to customers the company.

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