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Our whole life is a game

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Game ... Great if its importance in our lives? Perhaps the game is necessary for us every day, and it's fun, and communication, and creativity, which will be a great activity for the whole family. The modern world is full of stress and anxiety, and game - Is a great opportunity for rest and relaxation. Designers IKEA found it necessary to offer a solution that will make everyday life more intense and involve people in the game. Within project IKEA has introduced a new collection of toys such as Latta и SAGOSKATT. Latte - a variety of toys and puzzles for the game at home and on the street, and SAGOSKATT - those soft toys, which were manufactured by children's drawings, taking part in the action called "For the children to play, and good deeds."

So, IKEA has also conducted a large-scale researchTo find out how important the game is in our daily lives. It is possible to learn much about modern family life, education, and about how people around the world spend time together. The survey showed that, for both adults and adolescents and children (the percentage of 73%, 49% and 47%, respectively) did not have enough time for a joint recreationAnd Russia entered the list of one of the "occupied" countries in the world. In parents lack of free time due to employment at work, household chores, frequent stress and fatigue. Although parents emphasize that they want to “discover a child in themselves,” that is, they have more time to devote to themselves, and less time to work. 

Toys latte

Parents expressed their excitement about the children playing outside the house. It was found that one in five child 7-12 has a ban on going outside without being accompanied by adults, as parents in Russia are very concerned about the safety of their children. The number of such parents, according to the study, is 63%. However, it was noted and controversial opinion about the fact that modern society unduly takes care of children. This opinion was expressed by 46% of respondents. 

Play in everyday life

The most popular activities in Russia are joint trips - 81%. Russia takes top position among the countries where family members spend a lot of time for sincere conversations. It is interesting to note that young people spend more time on weekdays friends (about 5 hours) than their peers from other countries. Thus, spending time with friends is more important than the Internet or watching TV.

Toys of the drawings

89% of adults believe the game is not just entertainment, but also an essential tool for development as well as learning tool. Not bad supplement game modern technologies (Internet, computer games, smart phones (37%) and tablets (38%)) and approve it 40% of adults and children.

After analyzing the results of the study, IKEA was convinced that everyone - adults and children - prefers to spend time together as often as possible. Therefore, new ideas have appeared for organizing joint recreation both at home and on the street, in which new collections of toys - LATTO and SAGOSCATT are intended to help, which will add more colors to people's everyday life. In addition to IKEA toys, with the participation of the DreamWorks Animation film studio, 25 short cartoons were shot that tell the stories of the characters in the LATTO collection. All animated films are available on the site also on the YouTube channel IKEA Russia.

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