IKEA gives joy to the Valentine day

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IKEA Valentine's Day"Love is in the air" - the motto of the new collection IKEA devoted to Valentine's Day. This day is celebrated annually on February 14 also called Happy Valentine's Day. IKEA Collection this year for Valentine's very bright and saturated by the number of the goods. Here and linens, and vases and photo frames, and utensils for serving festive table and much more ... well, let's take a look together, as you can with IKEA to please our friends and loved ones.

What first comes to mind as a gift? Of course, the flowers! Therefore, for a beautiful bouquet we need is as beautiful clear glass vase - Vasenev, And at a fairly budget price - only 79 rubles. What would be nice to take a bath with petals of roses and then feel the softness of the bath mat in the shape of a heart in a series of products SNYUGGIS (Size 74 * 68 cm)!

Vase Vasenev

As for the bed linen and pillows, the designers here really gave free rein to their imagination. In addition to a set of bed linen SNYUGGIS, which includes a duvet cover size 200 * 200 cm and two pillowcases 50 * 70 see, the collection features decorative pillows. One of them - SNYUGGIS - in a bright pink color, the color of tenderness, a classic size 50 * 50 see. The second - a heart with her hands, imitating his arms, under the interesting name FAMNIG YERTA. This cushion the company's stores offer price for club members IKEA FAMILY: just 229 rubles, while the goods are in stock. The usual price for a miracle pillow is 329 rubles.


Indispensable component of a romantic dinner will be serving a festive table. For this we use cups and saucers SNYUGGIS, as well as a serving stand with lid ARV BRЁLLOP.

We serve a festive table

Just imagine how overjoyed loved one, if in the morning to get flavored coffee tray on legs Nordby and sweet treats to clear the serving base. If you are planning to gift a bottle of champagne or a good French wine, you can use gift wrap bottle SNYUGGIS in white and pink colors with hearts. But the intrigue does not end there! Parting romantic photo within-hearts and SNYUGGIS lights GOTTGЁRA.


Everything! We are ready to meet the most warm, full of love and tenderness day of the year!

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