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Bellhop residentThat only we did not create our very skilful category alterations IKEA! Looked almost in every corner of the house and even sewed children's jacket from shopping bag. Here we finally got back to corridor or, as it is called, hallway. Such under-utilized, one might even say, almost imperceptible part of the dwelling as a corridor, was for a long time undeservedly forgotten. In today's article we will correct this misunderstanding.

Is it true that the corridor can be considered so much a "pariah" only because we did not eat, do not sleep and do other daily activities. But that's where home owners welcome guests. This is the first thing that everyone sees, crossing your threshold. Corridor design, like a business card, tell everything about you. Our topic will help to make it cozy and warm, conveying the general atmosphere of your home. Proceed? We represent your attention extravagant dresser on high legs.

From the catalog IKEA we will need: 2 horizontal wall cabinet FAKTUM and 2 countertops Girton (old name - VIKA busk). These elements and will form the basis. Additionally need bolts, tools for cutting wood and stickers to decorate the doors of cabinets.

White locker of a series FAKTUM

One of the tops Girton used for its intended purpose and is located on top of the lockers. Others, sawn into 2 equal parts, which serve as legs.

Table top VIKA busk

Such a convenient height of the cabinets, since their doors open upward and provided with a lock. This allows the door with a soft return to the closed position. Lockers are attached to the table top with screws. For a more presentable appearance door can okleit stickersWhich will give the chest that same touch of extravagance that inadvertently cause interior corridor tune in a new way.

Chest everything for corridor

Whether your area of ​​impressive hallway or it is so small that it did not immediately notice and must equally serious about his arrangement. Do not forget the fact that it originates from there your house.

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