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IKEA DIY - Alterations furniture and IKEA

SNIGLAR "grows" with your child

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Table with lidContinue this series of alterations game items and accessories for children from IKEAThat they have outgrown or maybe for some other reason are not used by your child. Certainly, for many parents is becoming a pressing problem - what to do with these things? Sell, donate, exchange, and one would think that to create in order to once and gained so necessary thing, but for the moment lost its direct path destination for some time to serve you good.

Doing magic on a bit SNIGLAR changing table and turn it into furniture attribute for which the child will be able to do in life: to sculpt in clay, paint, collect puzzle constructor, to do their homework and whatnot.

In fact the very basis for the alteration is present - SNIGLAR changing table. To it is necessary to add a saw, hinges and brackets required grit sandpaper. Kit ready reincarnation. At the exit turn table with a lidUnder which produced extra storage space, for example, the materials for creativity. In any case, your child will most certainly find something to use as safely hidden from prying eyes personal space.

Table for creativitySNIGLAR with lid

So, with the help of saws harvested, share our countertop two. To the baby was comfortable, and most importantly safe to be at the table, carefully sanded with sandpaper cutting place and the cover. Before going any further, make sure nazhdachkoy processing has been done with high quality and never left unreached places.

table top table

Next step: fasten the hinges so as to be able to install the bracket. These little helpers will not let the lid fall, when the child will need to use the contents of a makeshift storage. The design allows to fix on the side of the table hanging pockets, various capacity, Thus further expanding its functionality. Such a wonderful table like your baby and it will last for a long time.

You can consider a less expensive way rework SNIGLAR and make for their offspring for two whole table! All you need - to make the cut legs at the beginning of countertops, which once functioned as storage of all necessary for a newborn.

Two table SNIGLAR

Using tables SNIGLAR

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