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Raincoat bags of fractalsToday we will not talk about how to transform a dresser beyond recognition, tie cute "cap" for fixtures, build another partition or make something that functionally fill your living space. We just try to do so in this rainy autumn time you smiled with us and cheer up our reading "humorous"alterations. We propose to implement a very non-standard way of preparing kids for the autumn bad weather. We will redraw, in the literal sense of the word, economic bag fractals from IKEA children's jackets, windbreaker, which is useful in the rain. All elementary and simple to perform this task need not be a wise significant experience as a seamstress.

Prepare a great desire, as well as:
- The pattern for the jacket;
- Needle, thread;
- Linings;
- Buttons fasteners for clothes.

IKEA catalog offers several volumes of bags and, for sure, will be able to find the right size so that even on the hood left. This attribute is not quite over when suddenly starts to rain or wind will intensify. So, for convenience must rip the bag by connecting seams. On the resulting blank fix elements patterns and not forgetting 0,5 see indent seams, cut jacket details of the future. Get ready for what might have a little play puzzle titled "Get Jacket" and try to put all the components in an existing version of the workpiece.

The jacket of fractals

Do not rush to get rid of the handles, which are equipped with bag Fractals. They can be used to trim jacket or belt. If you do not want your child served as a walking advertisement IKEA products and more proof that he wears the bag, put them to better times. Handles are sufficiently strong and be sure to something amiss in the economy.

So, after our pattern is ready, sew all the details. Your child will thank you if you do not be lazy and make for a fun-color jackets, cushioned surface that will give extra warmth. Perhaps due to this element, child and agree to put the result of this wonderful craft. Then, on the floors - the front of the jacket - attach clothes-button clasp.

Raincoat out of the bag for the baby

What can happen out of the bag from IKEA

At the end of a few useful tips to help avoid fatal mistakes. If you decide to make the hood, it is not necessary to make a cutout in jacket in the form of an acute angle. Because of this, the hood folded into the house, and all the water runs down the inside of him. Before you start sewing, remember, rub hands thoroughly details. These manipulations will give a bit of softness, and your child will not remind every movement clumsy robot. And do not be angry if the baby refuses to even try on the jacket - he is not obliged to indulge Mad Idea adults. Can experiment first on yourself?

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