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Do not discard me - I am still of use to you!

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DUKTIG doll's bed with a set of bed linenDoes not need to be famous designers in order to prolong the existence of things in your home. One only has to show a little imagination, ingenuity and tight box ... a shoe turns into a shelf for all sorts of different things, but an ordinary piece of wire - a clothes hanger. What can be done with doll crib from IKEA the size of a good 52h36h30 see from solid pine? Being small, your children enough to her amused and played enough, but what's next? To part with such a thing, sending it in the trash, it would be blasphemy.

The design of the crib easily allows you to use it as a nice coffee table. Sidewall cots can be removed, then it will be like the most on the table, or to beat this detail, sewing covers with pockets of different shapes for newspapers, notebooks and records. Puppet sleeper in the past it would be appropriate to cover the glass size. Next table can be repainted, if so requested by the interior space.

Placing on the bed a little soft pillow, she is transformed into a comfortable footrest. Rest in your favorite chair after a hard day will be much nicer.
With the help of stencils with intricate plots or decoupage technique crib can be transformed beyond recognition. Back side can be adapted for earrings, necklaces, chains and bracelets. All the rest of the space - to accommodate the means to care for a beautiful! Get a wonderful dressing table, which will be the repository of cute girl's heart gizmos.

There is the use of the crib and the kitchen. It is possible to place various spices used in cooking. Stylization possible as follows: divide the bottom of the crib into separate trays and each filled with different material - dried flowers, cinnamon sticks, coffee beans ... actually fantasize! In the end, all covered by a transparent glass.

Ikeevskaya cot play great role bookshelf or, for example, stands for flower pots. Magnificent views will have a mini-greenhouse of violets.

From the crib Duktig easily obtained nakrovatny table. They are more convenient to use, if cut back side. A great option for those who like remaking breakfast in bed, to work with a laptop in a horizontal position.

Do not hurry to part with things, because connecting a fraction of creative thinking can give things a second life. And they will serve you for many years in another new role, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

So in conclusion, a few images of this wonderful alterations crib that will help you in your work.

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    IKEA furniture is very practical. Therefore, it is throw more functional model - is a crime.
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    The great idea of ​​making a doll crib stand for flowers! I'm just amazed at how master Ikea derive their adaptations? I have such use even never occurred!

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