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Grigory Oster, children and IKEA in the new project "Kvartirovedenie"

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Grigory OsterLaunched exciting a joint project IKEA and Grigory Oster, the creator of the genre "bad advice". Through this project, the children can participate in an interesting study and become a hero of the popular new book writer. By the way, the project - It is full of the author continued cooperation with IKEA in the framework of the campaign "Be creative you want!».

Grigory Oster in his book of the same name "Quarter Studies: An Unscientific Study of Families and Their Habitats", together with IKEA, he will explore the "secrets of the apartment", more precisely, the secrets of those who live in these apartments. The author will talk about families living in urban high-rise buildings, about the leisure of children and adults, about the home environment and much more that each apartment individuality and originality.

Foundation for the writing of the book - unscientific survey, Principal investigator of which will be the guys from all over Russia. After all, only children can sincerely and frankly tell about your parents and family about hobbies. They become a kind of inspiration, therefore, based on the children's story, we can develop solutions to create a cozy, safe and functional home for the whole family. In addition, as the head of marketing retail chain IKEA in Russia - Nicholas Jonsson (Nicolas Johnsson), participating in the project, the children will feel important and significant members of the family and society. 

Oster and project

During the project, the children will share stories about his family, and the best stories will be posted on the pages new book Grigory Oster. The contest is open to all who wish to age 5-13 years. To provide for the contest their stories children can online http://kvartirovedenie.ruas well as in the shops of the Swedish furniture manufacturer.

Recall that the project "Kvartirovedenie: Unscientific study of families and their habitat "is a continuation of the action called" Create what you want! "Associated with the launch of the new IKEA catalog on 2014 year. "We create what you want!" - A slogan that reflects the main ideas stock: Account the views and wishes of the child, creating the necessary conditions for self-expression and creativity of children.

Be creative you want

Grigory Oster is a popular children's writer, creator of the genre "Bad advice". He is the author of works of "The Tale of the details," "Educating adults", "Papamamalogiya", "Grandma boa" and many others. Many of the writer's works have been filmed.

The event was attended not only by members of management and employees of IKEA in Russia (Anna Nizhnik, Nicholas Jonsson, Margarita Lefikayte and others), but also Instinct advertising agencyWith whom IKEA collaborates long and fruitful.

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