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News IKEA in Russia

Digression in the design coworking IKEA

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first design opened in the business center "Khimki Business Park", which is located opposite the shopping center "MEGA Khimki" coworking IKEAWhere there are booths for telephone conversations, and artificial greenery, and Pakmenu image. In fact, under the Overseas word "coworking" is the concept of workspace. Area coworking IKEA - 700 square. meters, the company engaged in the development of an interior designer - Arthur KeltWho also developed the design of recreation areas in "MEGA Belaya Dacha", "MEGA Khimki" and others.

A key design element of the workspace - the propellers, which are located between jobs. Designer planned that the blades of the propellers will resemble planes and the airport "Sheremetyevo", located nearby. Arthur Kelt also emphasizes the separation and decorative functions of the propellers. 

Coworking IKEA

coworking called - Po2rt, Which means that the word is directly connected with the "Airport". That is, if the propellers - it's a plane, it jobs - a landing strip. Unwinding speed of the blades is regulated by the rev limiter, built into the walls.

Propellers coworking

Coworking IKEA - this and cleaner open space with standard tables and chairs, a place where there is no computer, you can only bring their own laptops to work by plugging them into the wall outlet, located at eye level. Here and there "High zone" with bar stools and counter, which is set up to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Around low tripods are placed in a chaotic manner, soft ottomans, rocking chair with armrests, sofas with coffee tables, where you can also comfortably accommodate ... this is "Low zone". In general, everything is provided for a wonderful pastime in coworking at least 8 hours.

Recreation area in the Coworking

What other amenities and design ideas provided in Po2rt coworking space? This is a kitchen in a bright red color, a terrace that can be used in the warm season, a three-level bright green carpet for relaxation, rounded benches, pots with sansevieria in the aisles between the tables. The presence of noise absorption is important for the comfort of visitors. If you want to talk on the phone, you can retire in special individual booths, which coworking four. For business conversations in an intimate setting, you can book a meeting room, where there are monitors for presentations. Keep personal items offered in small metal chamber with the image Pakmenu.

Storage of personal belongings

Capacity coworking IKEA - 60 people. Open it in March and fully started working in May 2016 years.

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