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Cot on wheels - SUNDVIK and Algot

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Today in our category "Alterations IKEA" we will show practical enough hack that combines the use of two seemingly disparate series: a series of children's furniture SUNDVIK and system for storing Algot. As the name implies, we are modernizing Cots SUNDVIK, turning fixed bed in a mobile version on wheels. Let's get started ...

We need:

1. Bedspreads SUNDVIK - the bed is suitable for children from birth to 3-x years

Bedspreads SUNDVIK

2. Set Algot wheels - in the set there are still fixtures for the ALGOT system. We do not need them.

Algot set of wheels

3. Metal cylinders with an internal hole and threaded thread - perhaps the most inaccessible part of this project. Threaded cylinders had to be ordered from the factory according to our sizes. As a sample for threading made wheel ALGOT. If you have all the necessary tools, you can make these cylinders yourself. We adhered to the following sizes: cylinder diameter - 10 mm, cylinder height 30 mm (can do higher, it will give additional strength to the whole structure, less is better not to do), depth of the inner hole with thread - 15 mm (do not make the hole depth less than 10 mm - difficulties may arise with threading and installation of wheels).

Metal cylinders with internal thread

Of the tools we need:

1. drill with a drill on wood - since the diameter of our cylinders 10 millimeters, you, we used the appropriate diameter drill bit.

Drill with a drill on wood 10 mm

2. pencil, ruler, glue on wood and metal - there is nothing special to add :)

Glue for metal and wood construction and a pencil

3. possibly a hammer - a lot depends on your drilling skills and dexterity. If you have not guessed with a diameter of metallic cylinders and diametrm holes in the leg, then either have to gently hammer the cylinders into the holes with a hammer, or they will hang out in the hole. Then you need to try to further secure the cylinders in the hole with the help of available items (eg duct tape) to reduce nagruzkku to adhesive bonding.

And now a photo-instruction phase of our project, the DIY.

1. Use a pencil and a ruler mark up the legs of the crib.

Mark up the base of the legs cot

2. Drilling - at this stage you can use a vacuum cleaner to reduce the amount of sawdust. Do not forget to use terminator on the drill, pre-putting it at the height of the cylinder. Recall that in our case 30 millimeters. The most crucial moment adaptations: not to be mistaken with the depth of the hole and do not deviate from the vertical line.

Drill a hole in the leg of the crib required diameter and depth

3. At the bottom of the prepared apertures of fill glue, glue and grease hole wall.

We draw on the walls and bottom of the hole glue

4. Install a metal cylinder into the prepared hole using a hammer, if necessary. Cylinder presses minute 10-15, to grab adhesive.

Set the metal cylinder in the hole

5. Gently, without force twirl wheel.

Spins the wheel in the leg of the crib

6. After setting all the wheels can turn the crib. 24 hours later you can pull your wheels. Cot on wheels ready.

Cot on wheels for a newborn

Comments to rework:

  1. Cot on wheels is convenient for the newborn when the child grows up, it is advisable to remove them and replace them sticking pads under the base of the legs, so as not to spoil the floor. They can also be found in IKEA stores.
  2. For our project, we used a cot SUNDVIK, but can take any other bed, the main thing to calculate the diameter of the cylinder in relation to the thickness of the legs of the crib.

alteration Author: Dmitriy

PS: By the way, you can also share your DIY-projects for remaking IKEA furniture, sending them to our mail - [email protected]. We are happy to share them with our readers.

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    Well done)
    received a very cool)
    I'm your fan !!!!
    I want to subscribe to you
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      22.08.2016 21:59 | #
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      Unfortunately not prompt, bushes ordered in the workplace. As the sample were Algot wheels. First bought them, and then ordered the sleeve.
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    It seems to me that the cylinders can be safely replaced with driving nuts. The size of M5 is just there. Are sold in furniture-building and are worth a penny.

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