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Structural art of basket FNISS

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Dome of wastebasketsToday we have a surprise for our readers! In fact, it is not recast and not an idea, a work of the architect, exhibited in the National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne... This is a temporary exhibit in the exhibition: November 2013 - March 2014, created by the architect Rory Hyde. About 1 waste baskets from a series of products were used for the exhibit FNISS from IKEA. It would seem as though the designer encourages viewers to see how you can create out of the ordinary and everyday things is something amazing and able to hit the public.

Exhibit is an interesting name "Bin Dome", Which translated to English means"Dome of wastebaskets. "The author's masterpiece - the architect Rory Hyde, who was born (1982), lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Dome Side

Dome inside

To create this striking domes have been used not only thousands baskets FNISSAnd another construction elements made of wood and steel. A version of the exhibition is decorated with huge flowers and bromeliad Tillandsia.


Dome of wastebaskets once again confirms and reminds us all: "A surprising number!" 

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