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When a lint-free rug collection of Signe Not everyone comes into my head the idea to make it a merry old handbag. Today we are ready to share with you the idea. In addition to the mat and bamboo handles us to rework virtually nothing is required. Incidentally, Signe mats IKEA company produces in different colors, so that everyone can easily find the coloring to his liking.

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Did you know that IKEA uses game design? Perhaps, no one doubts that the principles of game design help to study not only the psychological aspects of a person's identity, but also play an important role in the functioning of the business and are the key to successful sales. You have probably noticed that the products in hypermarkets are arranged so as to attract a buyer, for example, the color accents. IKEA all modern game design principles found their direct application. Primarily, this is routeWhich is a good example of how to achieve successful sales. Route hypermarkets IKEA simple and clear, thanks to this, customers can easily find something for which they came.

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In late July, the company released IKEA videothat motivates viewers to take their minds off their cell phones and focus on dinner with their family. In the first part of the video, its creators show how in the 17th century people could live without Instagram. To do this, the artist should have been done a long way through the city and share their art. In the video, the family only had time to gather around the table and everyone wants to start the meal, but suddenly there is an artist who begins to draw a picture of what is happening. When ready Still, he sneaked across the city in order to be appreciated. And only after obtaining the approval of a public family starts dinner.

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What could be better than long warm days and opportunities to spend time outdoors with your family or friends? a new look at the world and experience new sensations this summer will help IKEA collection dedicated to the hot season. Wide choose furniture and accessories in juicy summer colors, decorate an apartment or house, as well as create a special atmosphere in any place outside the home. And, you see, any vacation or trip will be much more comfortable if the hand is cooler bag, new textiles and comfortable furniture. Any little thing is able to bring your usual vacation to a new level.

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Today we share with you the ideas of design and rework LACK table. The article will present the 5 variants of the LACK table in a new guise. A new type of table LAK will help you personalize the interior for very little money. Uniqueness, self-expression, style - these are the tasks of our today's alteration. 

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