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At IKEA stores located in Birmingham, Glasgow and Grace began to realize solar panels for roofs. Fabrication and installation of IKEA is helping to implement one of the most famous companies in the solar energy market - Solarcentury. IKEA believes that renewable energy sources - is the future.

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That became known the results of one of the most popular design competitions in the world, which is held each year in Germany. This year the competition 5200 work has been prepared. IKEA also, by tradition, took part in the competition and was awarded the prize for the collection of tables LISABO, as well as for induction cooking panel TILLREDA series. Nominated in which IKEA won, he was held under the name of "Industrial Design".

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In 2017 year IKEA opens its first store in India Hyderabad. This is a huge area shopping center, in the usual style of IKEA, including a restaurant and a playground. Opening is expected in the second half of the year 2017. At the moment, as potential locations of shopping centers the company also deals with cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. In the long term to 2025 year India It will 25 stores.
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Since the new year 2016 IKEA company introduced an updated range of products for window decoration. This and curtains and drapes, and safety shutters, which are not equipped with a cord, or cords if present, they are securely hidden inside the structure. At the head of the project - the question securitySo IKEA products meet all quality and safety standards and environmental regulations. This compliance is checked before the production of the goods, as well as afterwards. During the inspection items are evaluated for the presence of potential risks to identify and hazards and ensure the safety of the operation. This is due, among other things, taking care of children, because blinds with cords could provide a threat to life and even cause suffocation.

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Ingvar Kamprad for the first time filed an income tax return in the amount of approximately 1,9 million euros, which is 17,7 million SEK. This is the first declaration for many years after leaving Kamprad of Sweden - for the whole year 42. As reported by AFP and Dagens Nyheter, of total 6 million kroner transferred to the account taxesOf the declared amount 6 million kronor was spent on taxes.

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