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IKEA MogilevShops IKEA has long been called the "center of gravity" or even svoebrazny "Mecca" for lovers of furniture shopping. We have repeatedly wrote about the possible arrival IKEA in Belarus, but, for one reason or another, so far nothing has been implemented in practice. At the moment, information has appeared again that it is planned to build a distribution - logistics - center of the Swedish company. This was reported to the press by a representative of a Lithuanian holding called Vakaru medienos grupe. The construction site was planned for the Belarusian regional center - the city of Mogilev.  

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Vegetarian menu at IKEAIn an effort to expand the range of healthy food for their customers IKEA offers a delicious and environmentally friendly food. Food service companies are constantly engaged in the development range, including proposals that meet the tastes of customers. The new proposal IKEA in this field: vegetable meatballs. This product does not contain animal ingredients and is suitable for people who follow a vegetarian. 

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Hotel MoxyMoxy - The name of the first property, the creation of which the company IKEA "a hand". The hotel itself is located in Milan (Italy). Cozdateli hotel and designers rely on the Scandinavian interior, Linking it to the future popularity of hotel.

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IKEA in BeijingAccording to recent data of the Shanghai media guide IKEA shopping center, located in the Beijing, Issued a ban on visitors to sleep in the halls of the store. This decision is based on the fact that a large number of visitors have come to regard as the norm and come without making any purchases, sleep or just lie back and relax under the air conditioning.

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Lamp-ChargeIn mid-April, the Swedish furniture giant has announced the commencement of sales of lamps and bedside tables with built-in function wireless charging. Geography of sales so far covers only the US and the UK. The essence of innovation lies in the fact that c support Qi technology, new interior items to help charge the Samsung smart phones, HTC, Nokia and Nexus. If the gadget provides the function of wireless charging (Samsung Galaxy or iPhone), IKEA has provided the presence of USB docking stations.

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