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News IKEA in Russia

IKEA in Russia

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IKEA Russia 2015Despite the current economic situation, it is time for IKEA positive news. Swedish manufacturer, according to Daniela Rogosich (representative of IKEA), announced its intention to invest 2,3 billion, which is about 19 billion SEK in Russian shopping centers, shops and production in Russia. Thus, they are calculated as a minimum double the sale by the 2020 year. Has shared the news agency Bloomberg, which, in turn, referred to the publication Dagens Nyheter (Sweden).

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Internet IKEA storeNow for the residents of some cities to buy goods IKEA has become easier than ever. It's enough just to have access to the Internet and a specific Wish List. Then, as they say, a trick. Consider the example of the acquisition of the city NovosibirskAbout which we wrote in our last article.

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IKEA NovosibirskC 11 December this year IKEA opened a new service for the residents of Novosibirsk called "Shopping from home"Which will enable the Swedish manufacturer to order products via the Internet. The press service of IKEA confirmed this fact.

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The ruble 2014The situation that has emerged in the Russian market and in the economy as a whole could not affect the operation and further development of many companies. Not spared a party and IKEA. According to a statement of the retailer, in the near future is coming revision of prices for the products and their adaptation to existing realities.

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