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News IKEA in Russia

IKEA in Russia

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Shopping center IKEA photoIKEA has agreed with the Moscow mayor's office about the construction of three hypermarkets. Less than 15 years as the Swedish furniture manufacturer was able to "break" in Moscow. At the moment, the construction of three agreed hypermarkets infrastructure total cost of 50 billion rubles. The cooperation agreement was signed between the Government of Moscow and the Russian "daughter" IKEA - "IKEA Mos". The news was confirmed by representatives of the company and the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, which deals with property and land relations and economic policy, - Natalia Sergunina.

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Collection point for recyclingIn the shopping center "Mega Khimki"Innovation appeared: opened a collection point for recycling. Prior to that, next to the store for a month and a half has time collection point for recycling, but it was decided to establish a permanent, as stock I enjoyed a fairly high demand. Place recycling points - parking shopping center mall, "Khimki".

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Love story in Yekaterinburg17 April Yekaterinburg was a record for the maximum number of couples who embraced the same time. Flashmob with 552 people lined up in a chain length of about 500 m. By the way, this record is officially recognized and registered in the Russian Book of Records. As a gift to every private trader-handed pillow heart, which symbolizes the warmth of the embrace and, of course, love. 

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IKEA StoresUnfortunately, it so happened that left IKEA plans to open a shopping center in Tyumen и Chelyabinsk. Previously we wrote that IKEA plans to open a number of stores across Russia. But part of these plans, according to the latest news, will not come true. The first official statement to this effect came from the head of sales retail company - Alla Cercavschi.

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IKEA buildingDespite the fact that IKEA has grown enough as a trading network for the implementation of furniture and accessories for home and already has about 305 stores worldwide, 14 of which are located on the territory of Russia, the Swedes are not going to stop. Even the crisis is not an obstacle for them, and a new opportunity. It was decided to finish with a question Tyumen area.

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