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IKEA Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaigns IKEA in the world

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Advertise lamps IKEAKitchen carousel and floating in the sky marked the beginning of large-scale beds promotion called «The Wonderful Everyday»That sounds like a Russian interpretation "Is beautiful every day". By the way, she has managed to win the title of one of the best in the past year 2014 campaigns. Furniture retailer in tandem with the advertising agency Mother London did not stop and continued a series of creative rolls.

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Halloween at IKEAWhat holiday is celebrated in October 31? That's right! Halloween! So IKEA has participated in the event and contributed to the design of the original holiday. Will make a bit of clarity in the history of the origin of the holiday. Halloween is a modern holiday, which, however, dates back to the ancient traditions of Irish and Scottish Celtic. Mark it on the eve of All Saints' Day. Official holiday Halloween has never been, although traditionally celebrated in English-speaking countries.

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Talking MirrorAs they say, a kind word and a cat is nice. What can we say about people. All of us had a favorite IKEA entertaining researchAnd the result turned into a very unusual invention. Now, first things first. As it turned out, more than half of the respondents do not receive compliments. As acknowledged by a little more than 25% of the respondents, one is able to decorate a kind word day in bright tones, dramatically change the mood in a positive way, and even self-esteem. A 68% of the total number of survey participants shared the fact that Monday morning - this time accompanied by melancholy and bad mood.

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IKEA rentAccording to Interfax, for quite a nominal fee, which will be based 370 11 Russian Rubles or Australian dollars, IKEA will allow 31 August some users world-renowned service Accommodation airbnb spend the night in one of the stores in the city of Sydney. The same information shared and journalists online publication Mashable.

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